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Our carriers

In order to guarantee you the best delivery services, we use different carriers:


Our goal is to ship your order quickly once it has been placed on NEEDEN. In order to speed up the processing of your orders, please make sure that:

- The full amount has been paid
- The delivery address is the right one.

For any request relating to delivery, please contact our customer service:

Available from Monday to Friday 9h-12h 13h30-16h30

Email vendas@needen.pt

Phone +351 308 805 567

Shipping time

Transporter Delay Price
DHL DHL 1-3 business days From 20.43 €
Sending Sending 5-7 business days From 6.15 €

Return Return

Maximum period of 30 days starting on the delivery date of your order

Refund Credit Note

Maximum period of 14 days starting on the date of receipt of the return

Cancelation Cancelations

Cancel the order at the latest 2 hours after having placed it on the site